Of Fear and Longing: Art Exhibition Tours | State of Motion 2019: A Fear of Monsters


Location: 11 Kampong Bugis (The former site of Kallang Gasworks, the first facility to provide piped gas to enable street lighting in Singapore.)

A key programme of State of Motion 2019: A Fear of Monsters, Of Fear and Longing are guided night tours which take visitors through 2 different routes of the art exhibition at 11 Kampong Bugis, exploring varied responses to our fear of monsters. Featuring works by renown contemporary Southeast Asian artists Heman Chong, Ho Tzu Nyen, Sung Tieu, Viêt Lê, Yason Banal, and Yee I-Lann, with new commissions by Fyerool Darma, Ho Rui An, Shubigi Rao and architecture firm, Lekker.

Participants may choose from two themes: ‘Fear’ and ‘Longing’.

Get tickets for FEAR: https://som19fear.peatix.com

Get tickets for LONGING: https://som19longing.peatix.com

25 & 26 January, 1,2,8 & 9 February 2019
(Fridays and Saturdays)
11 Kampong Bugis

7:30pm - 1.30am (1.5 hours per tour)
Tours run every hour
10 Tours Nightly (5 Tours per theme) | 10 pax per tour | $8 per tour ticket

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Fear and Longing, two sides of the same coin when it comes to the popular appeal of horror films. What is it about Asian horror films in particular that elicits fear beyond the jump scares of a film? And if fear is such a negative emotion, why are horror films so popular? What does our desire to be afraid tell us about ourselves and what we secretly and perhaps fearfully long for?

Of Fear and Longing is developed in partnership with visual and performance artist, ila. The tours are an extension of her research process as part of her current project Spirits of Echoes, which maps the collective psyche of Singapore through the collection of personal narratives of hauntings, spirits and ghosts. Each tour is highly interactive. It begins with a sharing session around the tour’s theme and ends with participants contributing to a fictional map based on past and future representations of Singapore.

Tours will not be didactic but will develop through a series of questions about your individual experiences of Singapore, of the films referenced and of the artworks on display. You should come prepared to meet new people and hear new stories about the island we share.


FEAR is a thematic exhibition tour that explores how some of the artists in the exhibition, much like horror filmmakers, have examined and utilised fear as a medium. Like monsters, art has been said to be warnings or omens pointing out what we should be wary of. But what does our fear of the monster tell us about ourselves, our shared histories and our anxieties for the future?

The Yellow Scarf, 2019
By Shubigi Rao

LONGING is a thematic exhibition tour that examines the relationship between the monstrous and desire. Monsters are so often reincarnated as commodities in popular culture, or as symbols in personal narratives of empowerment. What is it about monsters that make them so appealing to us? What do monsters tell us about our desires and our relationships with what we long for?

Student Bodies, 2019
By Ho Rui An


About ila

ila is a visual and performance artist who works with found objects, moving images and live performance. She seeks to create alternative nodes of experience and entry points into the peripheries of the unspoken, the tacit and the silenced. With light as her medium of choice, ila weaves imagined narratives into existing realities. Using her body as a space of tension, negotiation and confrontation, ila creates work that generate discussions about gender, history and identity in relation to pressing contemporary issues.


About State of Motion 2019: A Fear of Monsters

State of Motion 2019: A Fear of Monsters investigates the histories and trajectories of Asian horror and focuses on the monsters at the intersections of art, popular culture and cinema.

From the multilingual Pontianak to the genre defining oily man who seeped his way across borders, monsters have entertained and united us through our fear. Audiences should be very afraid.

#StateofMotion2019 #SOM19

23 January - 24 February 2019
Presented by Asian Film Archive
Curated by Kathleen Ditzig

Part of Singapore Art Week
#SAW2019 #artweeksg

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Jan 25 - Feb 9, 2019
[ Fri ] - [ Sat ]
7:30 PM - 11:30 PM SGT
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11 Kampong Bugis
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11 Kampong Bugis, Singapore 338988 Singapore
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